We require 5 working days notice (Occaisionally 3) on all cakes ordered. Six weeks for wedding cakes. Skilled cake decorators are rare and valuable crafts people. Occasionally we may not have the resources to meet demand. Please order as early as you can.

Please check your order thoroughly before payment. For bespoke cakes, our decorators can only create the finished article from what they interpret from the wording of your order. It is not possible to create exact specifications when modeling food, just a graphical representation.

24 hours after your cakes has been ordered and paid for, any further alteration will carry a $5.00 administration fee.

If an inscription colour or any other choice is left un-selected on your order then we reserve the right to use our own discretion.


We only accept deposits on Wedding Cakes. 50% is due on order, the balance due two weeks prior to delivery.

We only accept cash or cards. We no longer accept cheques.


We currently offer the reservations of any birthday, novelty cakes, or wedding cakes through the website. Also the reservation of other items made through the website are guaranteed upon payment in full for that product. Upon placing the order you have the choice to collect from one of the three J Ayre shops. We will not be held responsible for mistakes made in placing orders through the website. Orders placed must be collected on the due date unless we are given 5 days notice.


There will be no refund on cakes cancelled less than 6 days prior to collection or delivery.

A $10.00 administration fee will always be withheld 24 hours after the order has been placed and paid for.


Corrections and repairs to cakes, including inscription mistakes, can be corrected on the same day in most cases. You are required to give us this opportunity and must let us know of the problem within one hour of accepting your cake.

Complaints are very rare and so we take them very seriously. Some complaints may require further investigation and an immediate refund may not always be possible.

Cakes, or part of cakes, must be returned within three days to ensure we are able to fairly assess the nature of the complaint.
The maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake and delivery. Further compensation is not available.
Tuesday, August 4, 2015(View: 4942)
So you’ve done all the mixing and folding; you’ve pre-heated the oven and put your cake in its greased and lined tin. Now you're going to pop it in the oven and hope the magic works.
Tuesday, August 4, 2015(View: 4407)
To misquote Monty Python what have the Ancient Egyptians ever done for us? Well, they’ve given us cake for a start! Roman and Greek history records cake-making.
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Everybody has cake failures, but what separates the master baker from the average cook is the way that you deal with them. Burnt cake is almost impossible to rescue.